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Remote Travel Specialist

Travel by Tilly Remote
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February 10, 2023
Travel by Tilly
Portland, OR

Travel by Tilly is looking for a talented Travel Specialist who will be accountable for organizing travel from beginning to end for corporate clients, performing all ticketing duties, providing recommendations and travel advice, and maintaining an exceptionally high level of service to all customers. This position will be fully remote and open to candidates located within the following countries: United States of America, Mexico and Australia


  • Provide travel expertise with excellent customer service

  • Responsible for timely and accurate ticketing and invoicing

  • Interpret and enforce various client travel policies when making reservations

  • Keep traveler profiles updated and document any requests in the PNR

  • Resolve any client service issues with patience, empathy, and urgency

  • Ability to work on multiple programs simultaneously with minimal errors


  • Preferred but Not required Experience: 1+ years experience in the travel industry

  • Customer Centricity: makes things easy for the customer, is helpful and adds value, personalizes the experience, balances efficiency appropriately, exudes competence, maintains accuracy, treats customers professionally, sets expectations and follows through, is accessible to customers, listen to and assess needs

  • Consultative: offers useful advice to proactively assist a customer, provides options

  • Coachable: receives feedback from the perspective that we can always get better, has a mentality toward continuous improvement, maintains a growth mindset

  • Embraces Change: comfortable with change, keeps an open mind to new things, flexible, adaptable, resilient

  • Positive Attitude: stays calm and composed under pressure, lifts others, remains positive with customers and coworkers

  • Problem Solver: is resourceful and uses initiative to independently find solutions, looks for ways to overcome obstacles and get things done

  • Communicates Effectively: excellent oral and written communication skills; takes a professional approach; willing to speak up and share views, debates appropriately at the table

  • Time Management: detail oriented with strong organizational skills, prioritizes effectively

  • Multitasking: comfortable working in a fast-paced environment; ability to juggle more than one customer, issue, or task at the same time; works tasks in parallel and not simply one thing at a time

  • Cultural Fit: values people, creates value

  • Teamwork Orientation: steps in to help others, unselfish, focuses on uniting to do what needs to be done to meet customer expectations and service levels

  • Tech Savviness: is comfortable with and stays up-to-date with technology, participates in ongoing training, able to self-troubleshoot, has the ability to learn new technical skills

  • Business Acumen: understands business situations; works toward improving financial performance; balances the needs of employee, customer, and employer constituencies

Personnel does not discriminate in any aspect of employment based on race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, age, veteran status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local employment discrimination laws.

Job Type: Full-time or Part-Time


  • Flexible Schedule

  • Week/Weekend Availability


  • Travel Industry: 1 years (Preferred)

Work Location: Remote

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